No More Stress with These 7 Kid-Friendly Road Trip Tips

It can be a pretty stressful experience bringing your kids on their first road trip - or even their twentieth road trip, if we're being honest - but it can be made a lot easier and more fun if you prepare first! In the video below, one experienced mom shares her tips with us on how to keep the kids happy, entertained, and full. If you have a couple minutes, check it out! However, if you're short on time, we have written out her hints in a short list below. Either way, we hope you end up having a great road trip with your loved ones, no matter where you're going!

  • Comfy clothing and soft blankets are crucial for comfort and the occasional nap
  • Headphones for each kid means nobody has to fight over music choices
  • Healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables are a great choice
  • Water is a much healthier choice than sugary soda or juice, especially when you're stuck in a car for hours
  • Have some of their favorite books or some art supplies if they get bored
  • Cups and bowls keep proportions even and prevent fights about food and drinks
  • Since the kids have headphones, don't forget to bring your own music or audiobooks!



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