What are the Top Signs of a Failing Car Battery

If you are able to identify signs of a failing battery, you can have it serviced before trouble strikes. Most drivers are unable to identify these issues until it is too late, so here is a checklist to go through to see if your car battery is in need of servicing.
  • The battery casing appears to have swelled to the point it looks like it could burst.
  • Your check-engine light now remains on instead of blinking on the instrument panel.
  • The car horn sounds much quieter than normal.
  • When you try to start the car in the morning, the engine cranks very slowly.
  • After the car is running, the headlights are very dim and could even flicker on and off.
  • There is a very strange smell coming from your car battery.
Come down to our car dealership today so one of our techs can inspect your battery for any issues.
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