How to Identify Brake Trouble with Your Car Before they become a Problem for You

Your vehicle will give you clear warning signs when the brakes are not functioning properly. These are just a few of those failing brake warning signs that you should be on the lookout for today.

Pay close attention when the brake indicator light stays on, this is a sure sign of troubles with the brake system.

Listen carefully when driving and using the brakes for any sounds of grinding or squealing.

There shouldn't be any types of scraping, wobbling, or vibration when tapping the brakes.

Pay close attention your garage floor or driveway for any spots of brake fluid leaking.

Regardless how hard you depress the brake pedal, it should be firm and not spongy.

Be very concerned if you hit the brakes while traveling fast and the car pulls to one side.

At Premier Ford Lincoln, we can perform a full inspection on the brakes to ensure your driving safety.

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