Replace Your Battery If You Notice These Common Signs

A properly functioning battery can give you peace of mind as it plays vital roles in the running of your vehicle. The battery is responsible of storing energy and powering the ignition, fuel system, and every other electrical component of your vehicle. Visiting our service department here at Premier Ford Lincoln for a regular battery checkup and maintenance helps prolong its life and keeps your car functioning even in the harshest weather.

You should bring your car to us if note the engine is rather slow when starting, or the headlights are getting dim. When you come for maintenance, we will clean up any debris around the battery and check for any corrosion which might be preventing electrical conduction. Before we recommend replacement, we will carry out a test to determine whether your car needs a new battery. If after maintenance starting is still slow, we will replace the battery for you.

There are several signs that your battery needs replacement. For this reason you should be visiting us regularly in our Columbus location for a battery checkup before it leaves you high and dry.

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