Are Cargo And Passenger Space Important Factors For Your Next Vehicle?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need haul a few things, then it is helpful to own a vehicle capable of hauling a significant amount. It is also helpful if your vehicle can serve the dual role of also being a comfortable passenger vehicle as well. One vehicle that meets these criteria is the 2018 Ford Explorer.

The Ford Explorer is an SUV that has plenty of passenger space available. This is because is equipped with 3-row seating capable of carrying seven adults comfortably. When it's time to haul things, the Explorer is capable of dropping the second and third row flat creating 81.7 cubic feet of storage space.

If you need a vehicle capable of moving a load or family and friends comfortably, then come visit us at Premier Ford Lincoln to give the 2018 Ford Explorer a look. We are located in Columbus for your convenience.
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