What New Features Come With The Ford Escape 2018?

An incredibly popular compact SUV, the Ford Escape is real standout in an area that is packed with stiff competition. But even with the bevy of other stellar options available, the Ford Escape manages to make itself look appealing at virtually every turn. One of the most important areas that the Escape excels in is its excellent interior. Packed with great features, you may find yourself wanting for a Ford Escape after skimming this breakdown of some of our favorite features.

First up is the Escape's Electric Parking Brake. An awesome feature in terms of both utility and safety, electric parking brakes are highly sought after feature. The technology uses a motor at each rear caliper in the place of mechanically operated alternatives, which ultimately gives you more options in how you control your vehicle. It's a really wonderful feature, and when paired with the visually-stunning Panoramic Vista Roof, the Escape becomes an extremely appealing option for anyone in the market for a compact SUV. If you've been considering the vehicle type, keep the Escape in mind.

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