Ranger Tech Features That Showcase Ford's Ingenuity

Bill Russell Ford Lincoln has a long-term relationship with Ford and for good reason. You know how popular this midsize truck is and how many times you've seen it around Columbus. Let's explore two of the Ranger's awesome tech features.

Lane Keeping Tech

You can stay in your lane with ease with this feature because Ford has your back with its lane keeping system. It actually warns you if you are drifting so that you can correct the mistake.


A collision may be less likely with this technology. The Ranger comes with an anti-collision system designed to sense if you are going to hit an object in front of you. It makes the assumption quite quickly and warns you about it to keep everyone safe in your truck and on the highways. It even pre-charges the brakes, making it easier to press on the brakes and become the hero.

These are just some of the tech features of the Ford Ranger that you can experience when you take a test drive with us.



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