You Will Get Some Great Performance Features When You Choose a Ford Focus

When you look at the Ford Focus, you will have a choice of sedan or hatchback models. The options do not stop there, as you will also notice that there are seven different trim levels on the menu as well. Each of these has different performance features that might interest you.

To begin, it should be noted that each of the trim levels for the Focus comes with a different engine. This is one of the things that makes the Ford Focus such a popular compact car. You can get an engine ranging from 123 to 350 horsepower. This is a lot for such a small vehicle.

You will really feel the power when you put the six-speed transmission into gear. This will get you going in a hurry, with no slippage to speak of. When you have some time, you should stop by Bill Russell Ford Lincoln to take the Ford Focus on a test drive.


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