The Ford Expedition Can Transport Delicate Cargo

Delicate cargo needs an extra layer of protection when it's transported in a cabin. The Ford Expedition is a great automobile for hauling jobs because it has a convenient management system for cargo.

The cargo system has a shelf that can be customized. If you're going to transport something that's wide or bulky, you can adjust the shelf so that it suits the cargo. The floor compliments the shelf since it provides increased protection while items are in the cabin. For example, when the liftgate is opened while cargo is on the floor, nothing will spill. The Cargo Management System's layout also stabilizes items on a hill.

The Expedition's cargo area is impressive; you can check out its management system at Bill Russell Ford Lincoln. Our dealership is in Columbus, and we let potential consumers examine key features on our lot. We also provide test drives so that consumers can observe performance features.



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