Technologies You Will Find With The Ford EcoSport

Did you know that there are technologies on the Ford EcoSport that you simply cannot find elsewhere? It is true. You will be amazed that the people at Ford have put as much effort as they have into this one vehicle to make sure that it has everything you are going to need.

Navigation- Navigate to wherever you need to go with a GPS powered by Waze. It will show you if there are any issues with traffic conditions or any other situations that you could possibly run into before it becomes a problem. It is a small gift in your favor that could help you avoid some of the most difficult issues related to traffic.

Safety- The "MyKey" feature will let you program a key for another user (such as your teenage child) to allow them to only drive during certain times of the day. This extra layer of security can prevent accidents and make everyone on the road a little bit safer.



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