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Towing Versus Payload Capacity: Are You Overloading Your Truck?

Knowing the difference between the towing capacity and the payload capacity of your truck can help you load it appropriately and prevent damage to the chassis, suspension, frame, bed, engine, and transmission. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the start of both ratings, but the capacities are much different.

Towing weight in a trailer is much easier on the frame of a truck that carrying it directly. Because of this, the towing capacity of a truck is much higher than the payload capacity. Payload refers to anything that is placed directly on the truck, either in the cab or in…

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How to Identify Brake Trouble with Your Car Before they become a Problem for You

Your vehicle will give you clear warning signs when the brakes are not functioning properly. These are just a few of those failing brake warning signs that you should be on the lookout for today.

Pay close attention when the brake indicator light stays on, this is a sure sign of troubles with the brake system.

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Replace Your Battery If You Notice These Common Signs

A properly functioning battery can give you peace of mind as it plays vital roles in the running of your vehicle. The battery is responsible of storing energy and powering the ignition, fuel system, and every other electrical component of your vehicle. Visiting our service department here at Premier Ford Lincoln for a regular battery checkup and maintenance helps prolong its life and keeps your car functioning even in the harshest weather.

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Keep Your Vehicle Happy with These Easy Summer Car Care Tips

Now that it's summer, it's important to keep your Ford vehicle cooled off and healthy despite the hot weather. The experts at Autotrader have made a video with some easy tips but, to make it as succinct as possible for you, we've included the list written out below. Take a look, watch the video, and see how to get your vehicle in great shape:

Click to check the list and watch the video

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What are the Top Signs of a Failing Car Battery

If you are able to identify signs of a failing battery, you can have it serviced before trouble strikes. Most drivers are unable to identify these issues until it is too late, so here is a checklist to go through to see if your car battery is in need of servicing.
  • The battery casing appears to have swelled to the point it looks like it could burst.
  • Your check-engine light now remains on instead of blinking on the instrument panel.
  • The car horn sounds much quieter than normal.
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Tips to Getting Ready for a Road Trip this Summer

Planning for a road trip may include the amount of days you will be driving for, packing, and filling your car up with gasoline before you hit the road. Those are great necessities, but the important thing to remember is making sure your car is in good working order.

The first thing you should do is take your car to the dealership so it can get one final look over before you leave. Your car dealership will make sure your tires have enough air in them, will check to make sure your fluids are at the right level, and your…
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